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We bid a fond farewell to our beloved show in one final series wrap up. Listen in as we discuss all of our favorite characters, relationships, cons, and moments from the last five years. Thanks for listening, everyone!

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The team finds out the reason that Nate brought them to Portland, and the information he and Hardison has been hiding from them this season. Nate wants to find the Black Book, a record of a huge scam that the government covered over when the rich and powerful managed to steal 1/3rd of the world’s wealth. This was their Mount Everest of scams, and the episode works backwards as we’re lead to believe Nate’s gotten the whole team killed instead. He’s taken in by Interpol and reunites with Sterling. Little does the team know that this is their last heist together, just like we didn’t know at the time that it aired. Was this a satisfying conclusion? How many call backs do you think you missed? And who wants to be invited to Sophie and Nate’s wedding? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Nate channels Chelsea and hates on Christmas.  Sophie swims with the sharks.  Parker picks the creepiest doll ever manufactured in a sweatshop.  Eliot deals with having a son named Dashel who plays with dolls.  And Hardison feels a lot. All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team get involved in a winery after one of the workers dies unexpectedly, and his daughter says the lawyers tried to pay her off. They investigate the owner, Frank Madigan, who plans to make a huge profit off the business no matter what the cost to other people. He has a very rare and expensive bottle of wine in his collection owned by Thomas Jefferson, but if they steal it, he’ll just get the insurance money. Instead they decide to pass the real bottle off as a fake and ruin his reputation. Would you buy wine from Sophie? Does Hardison do a good Gollum impression? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The crew try to make an Inception of their own on a CEO, Charlie Dodgson, who seems determined to destroy his own business by neglect and  apathy. They pull the White Rabbit job, a grifter con where the mark is tricked into thinking he’s dreaming vividly when he’s not. Things change when Charlie seems to recognize Parker in his dream as someone he once cared for, and they get deeper into why he wants to destroy his life. What would be in your White Rabbit dream? Was this finally resolution for Parker over her brother’s death? All that and more on this episode of Leverage!

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Eliot asks the team to help him save a small town. A big corporation is coming in with a super store and causing all the local businesses to close. Eliot’s personally invested because he came from a small town himself and his father owned a shop. The team goes up against Caroline Cowan, a businesswoman from corporate who is there to make sure everything goes smoothly. She seems able to block them at every turn. Can David take down the Goliath? Will Eliot ever reconcile with his father? And will we be able to save our beloved show? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

* We've found out since this recording that Leverage will not be back for a sixth season. :(

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Nate gets suspicious when Sophie sends him to a murder movie festival to get him out of the way, so he tracks her down to a special art auction. The wealthy owner of a huge private collection has just died and his art is being sold to buyers. Sophie was there for a showing of a never-before-seen painting, but when the vault opened it was missing. Of course Sophie would be the immediate first suspect, and Sterling shows up to accuse her of exactly that. Nate and Sophie have to find the real thief for Sterling while at the same time Nate is trying to figure out why Sophie is there to begin with. Are Sophie and Nate absolutely adorable as a couple? Will Sophie ever be seen as an ex-art thief? Should Nate stop showing up to crime scenes where the murderer is without back up? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Hardison, Parker, and Eliot are in DC finishing up a job when Eliot gets a call from his past. He doesn’t do professional hits anymore, but he knows now there is one about to happen in DC, so the three of them have to stop it. They manage to save the victim but Eliot figures out quickly the job was part of a much bigger conspiracy. He calls in his friend Colonel Vance to report a potential terrorist attack. Vance pretends to arrest them, but instead gives them the mission to find out the truth and stop it. Is it smart to go back to the scene of the crime? Could the three of them pull off their own show? And wasn’t this a crazy intense episode? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team are on an extravagant trip to Japan, but Parker is left back at home because she tore her ACL on a mission. While she slowly goes mad from the boredom, she sees something suspicious on Hardison’s surveillance system of the pub. Parker figures out a couple of thieves are about to pull off a job right under her nose. She decides to team up with her caretaker, waitress Amy, to catch them. Are Romeo and Juliet really the best names for those two? Would you want to take part in a heist with Parker? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team goes up against a fellow thief, Gabe Erickson, who conned people out of their life savings but he is protected by the government. He purposely made mob connections so he could agree to testify against them in case he got in trouble. They decide to use his obsession with vintage cars against him to try and follow his money trail to where he’s hidden millions of dollars. Things take an interesting turn when the Marshall protecting him has secrets of her own. Should any of the Leverage crew think about retiring? Is Gabe more evil for stealing money or for spoiling a little girl’s favorite series? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Agent McSweeten asks Parker to help him investigate a case that his father never managed to close: The D. B. Cooper mystery. Nate agrees to take it on and interviews McSweeten’s dying father Peter about what happened. They also meet his partner and best friend Steve Reynolds, whose wife was on the plane that day. Like the Van Gogh Job from last season, the Leverage actors play new characters as they reimagine what happened in the famous 70s crime.

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The team has to get involved with the government when a young cheerleader gets injured because the competition isn’t up to safety codes. The company that owns them, Pep, is allowed to get away with sub-par safety because cheerleading is considered a recreational activity and not a sport. The team decides to try and get the government to turn cheerleading into a sport, but they find out it’s not as easy as buying a politician or two. They have to work against the clock to turn four congressmen by the time the bill goes up in front of them. Should cheerleading be a sport or an activity? How far of a drop would Parker consider scary? And what the heck is going on with Nate? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Toby Heath, the man who taught Eliot how to cook, comes to the team for help after he gets fired from a special culinary institute. He thinks the owner David Lampard is doing illegal business on the side, possibly drugs. Eliot and Hardison infiltrate with Eliot becoming the new teacher and Hardison one of the students. They find out it’s not drugs Lampard is dealing in but expensive and rare truffles. Would you want Eliot as a cooking instructor? Is food cooler if it’s made with a laser? And shouldn’t Hardison be better at safe cracking by now? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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We had some sound issues this episode. Really sorry guys. We tried to do what we could, but we didn't want to delay the episode any longer than we already had.

A man named James Kanack stole a special design from his employee Oren Matz, ruining his reputation and the credit he deserves. The team finds out that Kanack is obsessed with the idea of Extraterrestrial life and believes in aliens. They decide to “steal a close encounter” and get him to believe that there’s a message from outer space only they can decipher. They do manage to steal money from him, but that’s not enough for Oren, who cares more about his creation and reputation than money. Can the team take down Kanack for good? How perfect was it that Jonathan Frakes directed this episode? Can you get Hardison and Eliot’s song out of your head? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team is approached by a boy named Danny whose father Craig is a professional hockey player. He’s getting into constant fights while playing and Danny thinks he’s going to die before the end of the season. They find out that his father is being offered more money by his coach to start fights because the crowds like it, and that the coach is making all the doctors clear him even when he’s injured. It’s up to them to find a way to take down the corrupt coach and save Craig from himself. Is Eliot good at all sports? Should Vlad become a regular guest star? And did Sophie really steal the Stanley Cup? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The gang is back from their break, and Hardison’s set up a new base and business in Portland, Oregon. Nate agrees this is the right place for them to lay low until they get back on track. Their first client is a grieving widow whose husband died on the job and the airline company got away with it. They target the wealthy executive Scott Roemer, who happens to have an unusual obsession with Howard Hughes. Nate uses this against him by creating a con about Howard Hughes’ famous plane the Spruce Goose. Can Eliot make a teddy bear menacing? Should Sophie start her own theater? Why are Nate and Hardison making top secret plans together? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The real villain of season four has been revealed: Victor Dubenich. The man who brought the team together in the first place and became their very first victim. He’s been in prison all this time studying everything they did. He partnered with Latimer and mapped out where Nate was going to have the team hit next, so they made money off of every job. Unfortunately Dubenich knows everything about them, so none of their usual tricks will work. They have to recruit former enemies to do the job for them. Meanwhile Nate considers killing Dubenich in revenge for his father’s death, and the team tries to talk him out of it. Should Quinn, Chaos, Archie, and Maggie have their own spin-off show? Does anyone else want Archie’s cane? And what do you think should happen in season five? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Nate runs off on his own when he finds out that Latimer hired his father, Jimmy Ford, for a special job. Jimmy’s supposed to steal a specific patent, but by the time they all get inside someone’s called the cops. The team has to keep fending the cops off by pretending to have a hostage situation and then a terrorist attack, but one thing is for sure: someone is messing with them and it isn’t Latimer. The true villain of season four is revealed and Nate gets one more reason to be an alcoholic. Why were there so many Doctor Who references in this episode? How did Sophie look so amazing pregnant? And did anyone actually care about Jimmy by the end? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team goes up against a brother and sister who are corrupt gold dealers. This seems like the perfect time for Hardison to finally take point and run his own con. When he refuses to work until they listen to him, Nate gives in. Hardison claims he has a new con, a revolutionary con, and one that involves video game knowledge. He thinks he has it all working perfectly, but he’s not ready to take Nate’s position quite yet. Should they keep their nicknames? Will Hardison ever be able to be a mastermind? Would you have rage quit earlier? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Nate is surprised when a wealthy businessman, someone he’s targeted as a potential enemy, comes into the bar and asks for their help. His much younger wife has gone missing. They assume that she’s probably a grifter and agree to take a job in exchange for a favor from him down the road. The team quickly realize she’s from a team of grifters run by a manipulative woman named Meredith. Nate goes undercover as a potential partner to Meredith and Sophie goes undercover as the mark he is supposed to seduce. Who would you bid on, Hardison or Eliot? Is it a surprise to anyone that Nate and Sophie have their first real date on a con? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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While the girls are solving the mystery of Peggy’s blind date, the boys are enjoying a poker game. That is until Nate runs into an old “friend” Jack Hurley, a character from the season one episode The 12-Step Job. He promises he’s turned his life around and has started helping out a church, but Nate figures out quickly that Hurley’s become a drug mule. He’s being hunted by Mexican drug dealers and the local Irish mob, so they have to find a way to save him from all of them and bust the bad guys. This episode runs exactly parallel to the Girls’ Night Out Job, and it gives us the full story of what happened that night for everyone. Has Nate regressed to season one? Will Hardison know that Parker likes him just the way he is? Do Peggy and Hurley end up together? All that and more on this episode of Leverage!

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The team finally gets a night off! The boys plan to have a poker night while Sophie meets up with her fellow grifter Tara, and Parker helps her friend Peggy scope out a blind date. Parker is suspicious when a handsome man named Craig Mattingly shows up as Peggy’s blind date, and it turns out he’s just using Peggy to get into a party she’s catering for the Venezuelan consulate. Parker goes undercover as Peggy and Tara and Sophie come to the rescue to help her figure out what Mattingly is there to sell and what it means for the Venezuelan people. What accent did Mattingly have? Is Tara or Sophie the better grifter? And what exactly was Hardison doing with those dogs? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Something fishy is going on  at the Good Cheer Greeting Card Office, and the team gets hired to look into it. Unfortunately there is a documentary crew there at the same time with an eccentric director who keeps getting in their way. The team has to pretend to be efficiency experts there to investigate the company and keep their covers with cameras on them. At the same time during their personal interviews with the director, they reveal little things that irritate them about their co-workers. Does Bartley know anything other than sports metaphors? Why didn’t Hardison punch Gunter for being all over his girl? What was in Nate’s card at the end? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team finds out that a preppy fraternity boy named Travis Zilgram is working with the CIA and his college’s secret society to conduct experiments on the homeless. They seek out veterans in particular and offer them money in exchange for going through torture and interrogations for days on end. Hardison goes undercover at the college to get invited into the secret society, and Eliot poses as a homeless veteran to be a part of the experiment. The team has to find a way to get the CIA to stop protecting Travis and expose his inhumane project. Can Parker have an shock button all the time? Can Hardison be shirtless all the time? We really wish so. All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team is surprised when their old nemesis Jim Sterling shows up asking for help. An ex-nuclear physicist named Robert Livingston is selling Kazakhstan technology that could help them develop uranium. Interpol doesn’t have enough to arrest Livingston, so Sterling wants them to steal the tech first. They go to Dubai where a chess masters competition is being held, and Livingston is there with his step-daughter Olivia. She is a famous young chess player herself, and Sterling believes the Kazakh agents will be there to buy the uranium tech. Things do not go according to plan, and the team has to think on their feet and watch their back. How did Nate not know about Olivia? Should Parker and Hardison dance in every episode? And shouldn’t Eliot and Sterling get their own buddy cop movie? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team are coming back from a successful mission when Nate’s spidey senses start tingling. They’re still in the airport but he senses something is wrong when he sees a scared woman hand off a cooler to a man. He approaches the woman and she reveals someone has kidnapped her daughter and demanded she give them a donor heart as ransom. The team has to save the daughter, find out who stole the heart, and retrieve the heart all in time to get it to a dying fifteen year old boy. They have under two hours to do this with none of their equipment or a plan. Would Hardison make a pretty girl? Does Sophie carry multiple costumes with her everywhere? Can a plan include setting Nate on fire? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Nate and the team have their work cut out for them in this episode when they go up against a conman descended from a prestigious line of grifters and thieves. Greg “The Mako” Sherman is running a Boiler Room con and making a killing by swindling his marks out of all their money. Hardison goes in as a new recruit, but is quickly discovered by Sherman, and the team has to figure out a way to con a conman. How the hell does Sophie know so much about chocolate? Did Eliot really eat a snake? And can anyone pull off giving themselves their own nickname? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team finds out about a con woman and her two sons hustling grieving family members at funeral homes. Things get more complicated when it turns out they’re not just doing one con, but a much more serious one at the same time, stealing the identities of the dead people and selling them to a drug lord. Hardison is kidnapped and buried alive, and they only have a short time to  save him and take down both the drug lord and the original bad guys. Did anyone keep from tearing up in this episode? Because if you did, you’re not human. All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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In the 50th episode of Leverage, the team is hired to help a programmer whose evil boss stole a chip he’s been working on his entire life and fired him too. It turns out the bad guy, John Connell, is not as much of a bad guy as they originally thought. His wife died a year ago and he’s heavily in debt because he transferred his grief into spending all his money on her house renovations. Eliot bonds with his jaded daughter while the team infiltrates John’s house, but everything changes when the daughter is kidnapped by a Russian criminal group. Is it better when bad guys are bad guys? Why is Eliot so cute with kids? Is there a replacement for Parker? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team is investigating a big food industry company for stealing a special “super potato” designed by their client, Emily Margold. When the potato is taken quicker than they expected, Sophie has to run an impromptu con so she can get into the highly secure building before they’re too late. She fakes a mole hunt to buy the team time so they can get inside and steal the potato back. Sophie and Nate have a power struggle over who is running the con, which is also tied into the fact they’ve secretly slipped back into friends with benefits. Are they capable of just being adult friends “with extras”? Is Eliot training all of them how to fight and if so can we watch? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

And we'd like to give a special thank you to Hannah! She took the time to let us know things weren't quite right when we were having all those technical difficulties with the last few episodes. Thanks, Hannah! We really appreciate it!

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One of Nate’s former colleagues tells him that they might have tracked down a legendary lost Vincent Van Gogh painting. An old man named Charlie Lawson came back to his home town and apparently knows where it is, so the team have to protect Charlie from other treasure hunters and find the painting. Charlie takes a shine to Parker after seeing her inter-racial relationship with Hardison, and he tells her the story of his first true love. Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge play Charlie and his love Dorothy in the flashbacks, and the rest of the cast shows up in different parts of Charlie’s history. Can the team get the painting before it falls into evil hands? Did Dorothy do the right thing by staying behind? Did the show succeed in trying something completely new? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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It’s been less than two weeks since the San Lorenzo job, and Nate calls the team back together to handle a time sensitive mission. A mountain climber went missing and his wife hired Nate to look into it. Apparently he had proof that his partner, John Drexel, is corrupt and stealing money from innocent people. Nate insists they go up to the mountain together. Eliot and Parker hike up the mountain to find the missing body, Hardison runs tech from the camp, Sophie runs several different cons at once on Drexel himself, and Nate tries not to get himself killed. Almost unsuccessfully. Is Eliot getting too used to hugging Hardison? Did Sophie use four different accents in one scene? And did anyone have a dry eye during that last video? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The Audio on this episode is a little spotty. Sorry, guys. Chelsea sounds like she's a million miles away. We'll get it corrected by the next episode.

The team works together to help out the State's Attorney Kelly, an old friend of Nate's, who has been targeted by Reed Rockwell, a media specialist who uses his skills to turn public opinion against innocents.  The team turns the tables on him when they set him up for a heroic act and give him his fifteen minutes of fame.  The team discovers Rockwell's dark secret - and first framing job - when he tries to pay off Emma. Is the CGI Yoda better or worse? Should Sophie care more about her baby than a pair of shoes? And how many episodes does it take for us to know that Nate has a huge ego? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The Leverage team is onto the next bad guy as a client informs them of Morris Beck, a greedy contractor who knowingly used substandard materials which led to buildings collapsing and causing devastation. There's a seven day deadline on this job and the team approaches Beck by having Nate and Sophie pose as representatives of a foreign COMPANY.  They find out that Beck has the construction plans they need to prove his neglect stored at his private home on a secluded island and decide to crash a detective themed murder mystery party.  There the whole team is forced to adapt as Beck is murdered, Nate is framed for it and they must find the real murderer, the construction plans they came for, and get out without getting caught by Detective Ray Hammett.  Did Nate really kill someone?  Does Eliot look ridiculous in a big bow tie?  And who didn't hate this guy?

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The team decide to follow Moreau to San Lorenzo, an Island with no extradition laws so he can take refuge there as long as he wants. He has the President in his pocket and a reelection is coming up, but he makes a misstep by arresting General Flores, a friend of Eliot who tries to help them. They decide to take Moreau down by stealing the election and turning his president against him. Are we in the Age of the Geek? Why does Sophie have so much trouble staying dead? Aren’t we all glad that season three is over? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The Italian informs the team that Damien Moreau is finally on his way into town, and they need to take this shot at him while they can. His cohorts try to murder a lab tech named Yasmine as she’s asking too many questions about a battery being made. The battery turns out to be an important part of an EMP bomb Moreau plans to sell for millions of dollars. They need to find a way to get in on the buyer’s auction for the bomb, and Eliot decides to use his influence with Moreau to do that. Yes, Eliot used to work for Moreau, and he was hiding that from the team all along. It’s his turn to screw things up for the team in this season finale, huzzah! Will the Italian ever leave our screen? Will this storyline with Moreau ever end? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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His reputation in shambles after being framed and fired for alcoholism, Santa Claus enlists the help of Nate and the team. They set up shop in a local mall where the owner, Eben Dooley, is on the brink of bankruptcy and has hired a group of thugs to rob his mall. But things are more complicated than they seem when the team realizes that there is someone else pulling the strings. Chaos returns and plays the team hard. Can the team stop him in time? Will Eliot ever learn to respect the suit? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Former hockey star Mark Vector has immunity from the FBI in order to testify against a mob boss, and he uses it to get away with stealing money from clueless fans and beating them up senseless. He is one of the few people with ties to Moreau, so the Italian gets the team to kidnap and con him into giving them information. They use the “Cuban Sandwich” to convince him he’s killed Parker and needs to make a new deal with the FBI, but things go south when Moreau’s own assassin starts shooting up Nate’s apartment with them inside. What is the Italian’s true purpose? Why does Nate have so many praying mantis pictures on his wall? Didn’t Parker look great with blue lipstick? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team tracks down one of Moreau’s favorite smugglers, John Keller, and get more than they bargained for when they find out he’s smuggling priceless heirlooms by using children. Sophie starts reflecting on her life as a grifter and the collateral damage she left behind. She starts to run a con on Keller by offering his heart’s desire: a barony in England. She takes on an old persona of hers, a Duchess, but Keller brings in a Countess who may have a link to Sophie’s past. Who was William and why did Sophie leave him? Is she really a Duchess? Is Hardison the greatest history hacker of all time? All that and more on this episode of Leverage!

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The team are all fighting after seeing an exhibit featuring a special dagger they all claim to have stolen five years ago. Nate agrees to referee the story and listen to each of them tell their part of it until they figure out who truly stole the dagger. Unfortunately for them, they’re all wrong! What does Sophie’s accent really sound like? Does Parker have butter fingers? And wasn’t Coswell absolutely adorable? All this and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Due to sub-standard safety precautions and a build-up of methane gases, a mine explodes, killing several of its workers. Two years later, the mine owner has used his Government issued funds to buy off a local Attorney General instead of using it to make the mines a safer place to work. The team takes on two bad guys as they con the mine owner into buying a useless Colton mining process, and make sure to bring his AG down with him. Does Eliot have a future in the mining industry? Can Parker really steal your soul? And how in the hell does Gina still look gorgeous even when wearing a hard hat? All that and more, on this episode of Leverage.

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Innocent people are being blackmailed into doing illegal things in exchange for their families not being harmed. At first the team thinks it is just a bunch of Russian thugs doing the con, but it turns out they’re being led by Jimmy Ford, Nate’s criminal father. He’s out of jail and tired of being small time. He wants to do one big score. He starts working out of Nate’s bar, and Nate is determined to take his father down at any cost. The team is uncomfortable but agree to help him, but who exactly is being conned? Jimmy or Nate? What game will win out, chess or three-card monte? Let’s find out on this episode of Leverage!

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An innocent teacher is framed for the theft of a car he thought he bought legitimately from a crooked car dealer named Duke Penzer. He has a team of car thieves under his command, and Parker is reminded of her past in the same business. Nate poses as a rival car dealer in the same business as Parker infiltrates the thieves, and Sophie grifts as Nate’s best saleswoman who Duke wants to steal. Things go wrong when Parker warns a young girl who reminds her of herself, and she warns the bad guys. Should Hardison make ear buds that are waterproof? Is Sophie the answer to a failing economy? All that and more on this episode of Leverage!

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A con-man has been stealing money from people by posing as the IRS and demanding late payments from them. He uses the money to fund a private militia who plan to stage a ‘revolution’ against the government. The Leverage team con him into investing his money with a shell company and all seems to be going to plan, but Hardison and Eliot are captured while posing as IRS agents. They have to figure out a way to take him down, dismantle the militia, and save their boys in the meantime! Do Hardison and Eliot need saving? Is virtual fishing the same as real fishing? All that and more on this episode of Leverage!

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This week the team is taking down a corrupt Country record executive, who has made himself rich and powerful by taking what he wants by force, and pushing other people around. They decide to go after him by running the Fiddle game on him, with Eliot acting as the fiddle. Posing as a up and coming country singer, Eliot performs the only song their client has left. But the team has to act fast when they find out the mark intends to have Eliot killed and steal the song for himself. Will there ever be another music video as amazing as Kirkwood’s? Exactly how many countries have a price on Eliot’s head? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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A new client literally runs into Hardison and Eliot as she’s being followed by evil henchmen, and it turns out she’s looking into the truth behind her sister’s sudden death. A pharmaceutical company’s test drug is the cause, and everyone who took it is now dead. The head of the company plans to use that same drug and sell it as a new one, regardless of the tragic deaths it will cause. It’s up to the team to pull a double blind job on him. At the same time, Parker is struggling with her growing feelings … for pretzels

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The Leverage Team is asked to help a journalist bring down the power hungry brother of the foreign president of Wadata. They end up doing the dirty work for the mysterious (and annoying) Italian in The Scherazade Job. The team times a robbery to an orchestra performance in order to get their hands on the smuggled diamonds that would fund Moto's coup on his brother. Will Hardison be able to play the most difficult violinist solo known to man? Is the Italian chick really necessary? Will Nate forever be a bastard? All this and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team is taken on a surprise mission when they find out Parker is trying to help save her old mentor, legendary thief Archie Leach. His family is being threatened if he cannot steal biotech research, but the building it is in has a famous security system called Steranko. It is supposed to be impossible to hack and steal from, because the system learns and adapts. Can the team save Parker from her own crazy mission? Why didn’t Archie just adopt her already? Why does Hardison call the girl he likes ‘mama’? All this and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team goes after a computer software tycoon who is gathering the names and locations of protesters in Iran, and plans to sell them to people who want them silenced. Hardison is unable to hack into his computer, because he's still using the one he had in the 80s, and he is absolutely obsessed with his past in high school. The team stages a high school reunion to try and get his passwords out of him and end up having to save his life from an assasin at the same time. Would Nate and Sophie have dated in high school? Does anyone care if Eliot's alive? All this and more on this episode of Leverage.

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Season three finds Nate behind bars after turning himself in in the season finale and unwilling to get Shawshanked by the team.  While the team is working on ways of getting him out, Nate discovers that the warden is corrupt and bribing judges to give ridiculously harsh punishments for minor offenses.  This ensures that the warden can keep his occupancy up and his state funding coming in.  Will the team be able to bring down the warden and talk Nate into escaping?  Will Sophie ever tell Nate her real name?  Did Leverage accurately convey life in prison?  All this and more in this episode.

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In part two of the season finale, the team is in a bad way. The FBI has them nearly trapped, and now Sterling has joined the hunt. Nate refuses to give up the job regardless of whether or not it puts them directly in harm’s way. They kidnap the Mayor to have a bargaining chip against the FBI, but Sterling turns it around on Nate by trapping him at his apartment. Nate has one big choice to make: him or the team. Who is going to save them this time? I WONDER.

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We had some microphone issues this week. We're really sorry!

The team’s ally Lieutenant Bonnano gets shot down during a secret meet, and Nate takes it personally. This leads him to the possible culprit, the Mayor of a Massachusetts town who doesn’t seem to have any problem selling himself to the highest bidder. Nate decides the best way to taunt him is to take away his prized baseball team, and Eliot becomes their star player. Unfortunately, Nate is too drunk and messed up to see he’s walking the team right into a trap, and it might be one they won’t be able to get out of.

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A fame-seeking fake psychic Dalton Rand is scamming people for their money by pretending to get in touch with their loved ones, and the team is hired by the brother of one of his victims. Things get more personal when Rand cold reads Parker and brings out a painful memory of her past. The team intends to scam him back by pretending that Tara is a real psychic and getting Rand to hire her for his new show. However, a criminal complicates things when he mistakes Rand and Tara for real psychics and tries to force them into finding money his former partner hid years ago. Is Luke Perry still as dreamy as he was on 90210? Did Parker get some closure on her brother’s death from bringing it out into the open? All that and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team gets recruited by Sterling to Kiev to help him retrieve a stolen Faberge Egg insured by his company, and the only reason they get involved is because Nate’s ex-wife Maggie is being framed for the theft. They manage to get her out of jail, but things get complicated when it seems Maggie’s new boyfriend Alexander might be the thief they need to take down. Nate struggles with his drinking and his jealousy over Maggie moving on, and when he gets taken by the bad guy, Eliot has to step up as the new Mastermind.

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Thanks to my epic fail a few weeks back on the Lost Heir Job, I never did start the episode out with Christian's song as promised. Sorry about that, guys. Enjoy "Seven Days" at the beginning of this week's episode instead!

The Bottle Job:

The team gets pulled into an emergency con when Nate visits a wake at the bar underneath his apartment. It turns out that it used to be his father’s bar, and that the owner, an old friend, recently died. His daughter is hustled by an Irish loanshark and Nate intends to pull ‘The Wire’ job on him, getting him to bet away the loan owed to him. However, due to consuming alcohol and what he finds out about the loanshark, Nate insists on running a second and even more elaborate con. The only question on everyone’s mind: When will we see shirtless Hardison again? All this and more on this episode of Leverage.

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The team is adjusting to having Tara as their new grifter, and Nate in particular is not happy about it. Sophie encourages them to trust her judgment and to accept Tara, and their first job together involves a cheap garment sweat shop. Nate promises to help one of the sweat shop workers get out of her debt to Russell and Gloria Pan, a vicious couple who bring people to the country to take advantage of them. The crew decides to sneak into Fashion Week in an attempt to fool Gloria, who has ambitions to be a fashion designer, but things get complicated when they learn the Triad is involved. Is guyliner okay in the fashion world? Will Nate ever talk in more than slogans? Will he and Sophie ever talk again? All this and more on this episode of Leverage.

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With Sophie still taking some time away to find herself, the team takes on a crooked lawyer attempting to get his hands on a fortune belonging to his recently-deceased client. The crew plans to convince the lawyer to pay up by proving the dead man had a long-lost daughter. All the while working around their client's lawyer, who may not be everything she appears to be.

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Just in time to celebrate the return of Leverage Season 3, we bring you The Ice Man Job. With Sophie MIA, the team switches up their roles in a con to help take down the corrupt owner of a jewlery business who had his own mercandise stolen in order to claim the insurance. Hardison goes in as the team's grifter and gets himself in too deep with the mark's Russian goons. It's up to the team to bail him out and finish the con.

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Episode 20 is here! The Two Live Crew Job is one of our favorites. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode half has much as we did recording it.

When Nate and the team are asked to recover a stolen painting, the go in to get it back, but find that another crew has already beaten them to it. The two teams go head to head after Nate decides to take them on to get the painting back. (And to maybe prove that his team is the best after all.)

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We're finally on our way back to releasing episodes on a regular schedule again. Thanks for sticking with us guys, and we hope that everyone is gearing up for the final three episodes of Season 3!

In the Top Hat Job, the team has to infiltrate a large company to stop its corrupt vice president from shipping out millions of dollars worth of contaminated frozen food. When their initial reconnaissance goes bad, they realize they'll have to go in posing as magicians.
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In the fifth episode of the season, the crew takes on the paranoid world of government conspiracies to expose a ruthless tabloid journalist who makes a living preying on the fears of her viewers.

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Thanks for checking out another episode of The Long Con podcast! We're back this week and talking about The Fairy Godparents Job. In the episode, the team sets out to recover embezzled cash from a funds manager. In order to do so, they take over his loveable stepson's school, and find themselves acting as unlikely fairy godparents for him.

Unfortunately pre-orders for the ConCon DVD have closed since we recorded this, but we'll be sure to keep you updated on the release date!

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It's been awhile since our last episode. Thousands of apologies and all that. Jachelle is a complete slacker (who enjoys talking about herself in the third person) who managed to sit on the episode for almost a month before finally getting it up into the feed. She'd like to say there's a good reason for the delay, but there's really not. Sorry, guys. In the Order 23 Job, the Leverage team takes over the floor of a hospital in order to convince a convicted felon that there has been an outbreak of a deadly virus so he'll reveal the whereabouts of his secret stolen cash.

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In the second episode of the season, the Leverage team heads to Nebraska to con a corrupt MMA promoter. But they run into some trouble when they're found out right in the middle of the scam. Even worse when their mark flips the situation on them and threatens their clients if they don't do as he tells them. We dive into some discussions about Eliot's backstory, the Eliot/Sophie dynamic, and why the hell Nate's characters are all so obnoxious.



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We're back and diving into the first episode of season two, The Beantown Bailout Job!

The entire team is beginning to realize that there's no going back. Nate struggles with returning to a 9 to 5, and the rest all realize that being the bad guys is no longer enough to satisfy them. When a corrupt banker nearly kills one of his employees and his young daughter in an attempt to cover up his shady dealings, the team convinces Nate to take one last job.

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Season one has come and gone, but before we move onto season two, we wanted to share some of our thoughts about season one in general. We've got discussions on everything from our favorite quotes to our favorite camera shots! Download and enjoy, and we'll be back next time with the season two premiere.

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Ep 13 - The Second David Job

It's the end of an era! Okay, more like it's just the end of season one. It took us awhile to get here, but we've finally reached the season one finale. It's been a couple of months, but the team just can't let the First David Job go. So they come back together to finish the job and help Nate take down Blackpool.

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Ep 12 - The First David Job

We're almost at the end of season one with part one of the amazing season finale, The First David Job. Nate finally gets the oppertunity to seek revenge on Ian Blackpool, CEO of IYS Insurance. Not only Nate's old boss, but the man who denied his insurance claim and allowed his son to die. A complicated scam involving the lost David statues, Nate and the team take on Blackpool, but are thrown for a loop at the apperance of Nate's ex-wife, Maggie. Things get even more dicey when Sterling re-appears to trap them at their own game.


Make sure to email us at if you have any questions or comments. Feedback is a good thing! Stay subscribed and we'll be back next week with part two of the finale!

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Ep 11 - The 12 Step Job

Special episode this week, kids. Instead of our usual discussion we've decided to do a live commentary track. So, sync up your DVDs and join us!

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Ep 10 - The Juror #6 Job

It's episode ten, and we've got another Parker-centric episode on our hands as we dive into a discussion about the Juror #6 Job. Parker discovers there is, in fact, an evil conspiracy lurking behind the curtain of every routine civic duty. And the team takes on a formidable opponent as they try to help a grieving widow win a nearly impossible lawsuit.

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Ep 9 - The Stork Job

Parker has always been one of the most enigmatic members of the Leverage crew. So, it's always interesting to get to see her backstory and see what it is that makes her tick.  In The Stork Job, we find out quite a bit about Parker and her childhood while the team steals a movie set in order to take down a washed up actress and the adoption scam she and her partner are running to cover an arms dealing operation. We've got discussions about Parker, all the Sophie/Nate and Parker/Hardison moments, and Sophie's ability to act well....when it's an act. And of course, all our favorite moments and TRIVIA!

Don't forget to join our brand new facebook group for more updates, and stick around for Episode 10, The Juror #6 Job!

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Special Episode 1 - The Jailhouse Job Sneak Peek

We hope everyone is getting ready for the season three premiere! Sunday, June 20th at 9pm, the Jailhouse Job is going to kick off the new season three episodes. And in order to make these last few days of waiting just a little easier, download and listen to our first ever special episode, a sneak peek at the season three opener! We discuss the episode (sans spoilers) and dive into a little discussion about where we think season three might be headed.

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Ep 8 - The Bank Shot Job

It's episode 8, and we're diving into the season one episode, The Bank Shot Job. When the team is interrupted mid con by a pair of hapless bank-robbers, the Leverage crew is going to have to think fast to pull this one off. And when Nate and Sophie are cut off, it's up to Hardison, Parker, and Eliot to make sure things get done.

Discussion this week centers mainly around the set-up of this episode, and how it differs from the episodes we've seen so far in the series. Lots of trivia and some great quote and moments. We'll see you back here next week with our special sneak peak of the season 3 premiere, The Jailhouse Job.

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Ep 7 - The Two Horse Job

So, we steal an actual championship racehorse, in order to fake another championship racehorse. Ooh. I like it.

Nate and the team head to Kentucy to help out an old friend of Eliot's when his stables are burned down by a greedy businessman hoping to collect on the insurance money. But things get tricky when Nate's old frenemy (yes, I just said frenemy) Sterling shows up and is giving the team a run for their money.

This week we've got a suprise announcement about the premiere of season three, as well as discussions about Sterling, Eliot's past, and the episode's southern setting. Enjoy!



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Ep 6 - The Miracle Job

Three weeks after our last episode, and it took a Miracle to bring us back from our hiatus! (See what I did there?) Jachelle, Sam, and Chelsea are back in action with episode number six, The Miracle Job. When Nate discovers than an old friend is in trouble, he brings in the team to help save a neighborhood church. But things get messy when their plan works too well. In this super-sized episode we've got discussions on Nate's loss of faith, the repercussions of the team doing their job too well, and the team's changing relationship.

We'll be back next week with The Two Horse Job, and don't forget to buy Season 2 on DVD! Available Tuesday, May 25th.
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Ep 5 - The Mile High Job

In the Mile High Job, the Leverage crew takes on a corporation whose unsafe business practices led to the death of a young girl. But things get hairy when Nate, Parker, Sophie, and Eliot realize they're stuck on a plane that is about to crash and it's up to Hardison to save the day. (For the Horde!)



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Ep 4 - The Snow Job

After another bit of a hiatus, we're slowly getting things back on track with Episode 4, The Snow Job. Nate and the team take on a family of sleazy Miami businessmen who are preying on disaster victims, and Jachelle, Sam, and Chelsea take on topics like Nate's continued drinking, excellent guest stars, and Sophie's luge.

Next week is the Mile High Job, so stay subscribed and thanks for your patience!




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Ep 3 - The Wedding Job

Slight delay in releasing the episode this week. You can blame Jachelle's pathetic excuse for a computer. Seriously. This thing is so bad it would bring Hardison to tears. If computers were people, this thing would be the smelly kid in the back of the class who eats dirt and pulls the pigtails of the girl sitting in front of him.

While Jachelle contemplates the pros and cons of computer homicide, please enjoy the latest episode of The Long Con! It's episode three, and sticking with the episode order of the DVDs, we're covering The Wedding Job this week. Tune in while we discuss Nate and Sophie's relationship, how the team is getting along, awesome guest stars, and all that other stuff.

Batwing's Beat
TV Lounge Podcast




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Ep 2 - The Homecoming Job

Episode two has arrived! In the Homecoming Job, Nate and his new team take on their first official job, but things get dicey when it becomes more dangerous than anyone had anticipated. Join Chelsea, Jachelle, and Sam as they discuss the episode.




Twitter! @longconpodcast


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Ep 1 - The Nigerian Job

We kick off our first official episode with a discussion about the pilot. There's talk of character intros and relationship setup. We spill some behind the scenes goodies, and a whole mess of other fun stuff.


Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the changes to the blog!

Email us at

Follow us on Twitter: @longconpodcast

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Episode < 1

Much like Nate's drinking, we're back! But we like to think we're a lot more fun. And we're better for your liver too.

We bring forth a new co-host! Chelsea joins the team, and catches up by giving everyone her favorites and a Leverage crew of her own design. We talk about season two thus far, the upcoming finale, and speculate a little about what we'd like to see come season three.

We got a little over-excited and managed to talk over each other quite a bit. Apolgies! We're going to work on that for next time. Enjoy the show, and don't forget to tune in for the season two finale, The Maltese Falcon Job, February 17th.

Stay subscribed. We'll return next week with a brand new episode.

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Hiatus! Jachelle's back to let you guys know just where the heck we've been. It's neither exciting nor cool. But we will be back soon. In about a month! We're planning on releasing some episodes before the holidays and come January we should be on a regular recording schedule. In the meantime here are some other fantastic podcasts to occupy yourself with until we're back.

Angel Between the Lines:
Chicken Pop Pod:
The Absolute Peach:
The Manners Cast:
Life Is A Beautiful Joke:

Direct download: hiatus.mp3
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Episode 0 It's episode zero! We introduce ourselves and what to expect from the podcast. Sam reveals her secret criminal past we discuss our favorite characters and episodes. We present our own Leverage dream teams, and talk about some guy who kept stealing people's watches. We review The Sting and learn that Jachelle has no concept of time (The Sting was released in 1973).

Outro music is "The Long Chase" by KANE.

Remember to crush the earpiece before you get arrested!
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